Samil Power, emerged from a manufacturer established in 1992 for variable speed drivers and lift controllers, is one of the fastest growing inverter companies in the world. It offers the complete product mix for Grid-Tie solar power applications, from micro inverters to string inverters and to energy storage systems. Its single phase string inverters have been rated as one of the top products by Photon Magazine and become one of the most well known brands in Europe and Australia.

Samil SolarRiver Single Phase String Inverter features:

  • CSA Certificated with the latest UL/CSA standards, including integrated Arch Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI)
  • Dual MPPTs for easy string design and operation with multiple roof orientations
  • Low start up voltage and wide MPPT range for increased system production
  • Transformerless topology allow max. 98% efficiency and light weight for easy installation
  • Built-in Ethernet communication and Wifi option for web-based remote monitoring plug and play
  • NEMA3 Aluminum die-cast enclosure for indoor and outdoor installations

To download SolarRiver String Inverter Datasheet, please click  SolarRiver_3k-10kW_TLA